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99,95 € incl. BTW

(82,60 € ex. BTW)


4W Output power

Front mounted speaker

Short Body

DIN size

12/24V input

Multiple bands for usage in most EU countries

AM/FM Operation (subject to country regulation)

DSS (Dynamic Squelch System)

Multi-Colour Backlighting

Emergency Channel(9/19) / Keypad Lock function button

Microphone Gain


Scan function

Speaker Mute

Menu Mode (Microphone Gain, Call tone, Beep Tone On/Off, TOT, Backlight Dimmer)

Dimension (W x H x L) : 170 x 51 x 94mm

Technical specifications:

Channel: 40

Frequency Range: 26.965 MHz - 27.99125 MHz (26.965 MHz - 27.405 MHz (CEPT),

Operating Mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM)

Frequency Control: PLL Synthesizer

Frequency Tolerance: 0.002%

Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 55 Degrees Celsius

Microphone: 6 Pin plug in type

Antenna Connector: SO239 Type

Weight: 978.5g

Power Output: Duty cycle 10% 4Watts @13.8V DC

Modulation: AM (85% to 95%), FM (1.8KHz +- 0.2KHz)

Frequency Response: 300Hz to 3000Hz

Output Impedance: 50 ohms, Unbalanced

Harmonic Suppression: Less than -54dBm

Current Drain: AM Full Mod. 1.6A Max

Receiving system: Dual conversion super-heterodyne

IF Frequencies: Double Conversion 1st 10.695MHz / 2nd 455KHz

Sensitivity: 0.7uV for 10dB (S+N)/N in AM, 0.5uV for 20dB SINAD in FM mode

Audio Output Power: 4.0W @ 8 ohm

Audio Distortion: Less then 8% @ 1KHz

Image Rejection: More than 60dB

Adjacent Channel Rejection: More than 60dB

Conducted Spurious: Less than -57 dBm

Frequency Response: 300 to 2500Hz

Built-in Speaker: 8 ohms, round

Squelch: Adjustable; Threshold less than 1 microvolt, DSS; Less than 2 microvolt


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